Outdoor Dramatic Area

​Playdough station 


Next enrollment period is mid-December for January 2020 start. 

Preschool Tuition Rates Monthly

3 years of age by February 28th 2020. 

2 days week 9-1 $256.00 

3 days week 9-1 $380.75 

4 days week 9-1 $512.00

Mini-Session Tuition Rate Monthly   This is a new class option that will open if there is enough interest. It will be mixed age between 2-5. 

2 years of age by January 1st 2020

2 days a week 1:30-4:00 $180

$75.00 Registration Fee/per child due yearly-Children not bathroom independent but working towards it will be accepted but must be in a pullup and a $50 additional service fee is applicable. It will be dropped when they have mastered 1 full month without help or accidents. 

1. Bathroom independent is defined by, being able to use the restroom with no assistance. 

2. Able to self monitor when they need to go to prevent accidents.