Outdoor Dramatic Area

​Playdough station 


Now Enrolling

Must be 2.5 by February 2020 AND past the point of mouthing small objects. 

Preschool Tuition Rates Monthly

Available Slots

2 days week 9-1 $256.00 

3 days week 9-1 $380.75 

4 days week 9-1 $512.00

Yearly registration fee $75 per child/year

Mini Session 

Waitlist Open

This is a new class option that will open if there is enough interest. It will be mixed age between 2-5. 

2 years of age by January 1st 2020

2 days a week 1:30-4:00 $180

Yearly registration fee $75 per child/year 

*Children not bathroom independent but working towards it will be accepted. They must wear a pullup and a $50 monthly fee will be added to tuition until they have mastered it.  Fee willl drop once the child has 1 full month of success. 

1. Bathroom independent is defined by, being able to use the restroom with no assistance. 

2. Self-monitoring their need of when to use the restroom.