Enrollment Requirements 

*Must be 3 years of age by March 1st 2020 for the 9-1 class. There is a new class option pending interest-see Tution tab.

*Must be past the developmental stage of mouthing non-food items

​*Must be up to date on immunizations, on a make up schedule, or medically exempt. We do not accept religious or personal exemptions.  

Things to consider 1: 

* Location 

We are in a residential neighborhood. However, the preschool is separate from our living space. 

Care must be taken to not block driveways, or mailboxes. 


We have 2 indoor cats that are not in the licensed space during business hours, but they are after. (All vaccines are up to date, no pet items are in the space)

We also have 2 call ducks Beast and Beauty, as well as 2 hens Moana, and Chancy. The kids can only interact through the fenced enclosure, due to licensing rules. (The eggs are never consumed by children)  


We will be following the Yelm School District Calander for cloosures. Do you have alternative care if applicable? 

Things to consider 3:

*Are you willing to be involved?

We are rated a 4 in Early Achievers the state rating program. We will be doing our 3 year re-rate in the spring. One of the areas we hope to score high in again is points for is parent involvement. This is making contact to discuss your child 3 times a year. (Honestly, don't want to miss it, it's a time ot hear about all the amazing things your child has been doing, and it can be email, phone, or in person). There are also a couple of questionnaire type things to fill out, it is part of the way we track developmental progress so nothing is missed.  

As part of the program, you will be given opportunities to bring your family into it. Photo's, make a hopes and dreams ribbon, send a favorite recipe, or attend a family events (always free).  We offer many ways to help us connect as a community. 


Next Enrollment Period is Mid-December 2019 for January 2020 start date.

We only interview/tour by appointment. Just message us with why you feel we are good fit for your child, and we will contact you for an appointment. 

Things to consider 2: 

*What do I expect from my child's experience? 

We understand parents worry about school readiness, and associate that to academics. However, research shows early academics are not beneficial. What is beneficial is exposure to nature, hands on experiences that let them explore cause and effect (Often sold as STEM or STEAM learning) it happens naturally when children are given a chance. 

Social development, expressing and labeling feelings. Learning to work through opposition. Example: Suzy has a bike, and Chad want's it. We teach Chad to say, "How many minuutes until my turn". Suzy will give a response, and when done it will be Chad's turn. Both have had their needs honored. P.S. We don't typically keep track of the time, they self-regulate that. It is truly fasicanating to watch how wll this works after everyone has learned it.