Children using  authentic resources 

Hands on learning with items from nature

Children are exposed to the alphabet in unique and fun ways, such as the typewriter. 

Linda and Lisa keep the following current:

:CPR/First Aid 

TB test every 

Blood Borne Pathogen training 

Physical clearance every 2 years 
​Food Handlers Card

Background Checks 

*Anyone that regularly visits is also background checked

What We Believe

Childhood should be preserved, it only happens once! Preschool should be about building social emotional skills and having that special friend that lights up your day. It's a time to build their own confidence and independence. The first days with us are a time to learn what their body needs,  as often parents are so attentive the children they do not get the opportunity to regulate these things on their own.. Are they hot or cold? Are they hungry or full? Do they want to be with friends as a group or with or in a cozy corner with a friend?  

We know that learning happens through  hands on experiences. Both of the rooms are set up for independent exploration.  Invitations are set out based on the children's interest or play schemas. Provocations are set out when we are looking  to observe a specific skill. We believe in letting the children lead, so the plans often change in the moment. 

Sweet Pea's Early Learning Place 

                     Lisa and Linda 

About Us

We have been in business since 2000. We had the great pleasure to serve many families over the years as a child care, then a childcare/preschool combination. This year we dropped the child care portion and now running as a preschool only.. We voluntarily kept our DCYF license and continue to follow the WA State WACS. Our inspection records can be seen on the Child Care Check website. 

We also choose to participate in the state rating system Early Achievers and currently rated a level 4. We are accredited though the NAFCC. Certified Wildlife Habitat and have a Eco-Healthy  Child Care endorsement.

We began our journey to the become Curiosity Approach  accredited switching from a traditional setting full of commercial plastic toys, bright signs, and laminated posters in 2018. The feeling of hygge  brought  by the calmer colors has brought fascinating changes. Though the Curiosity Approach is a mixture of early childhood  philosophies we are heavily influenced by Reggio Emilia and Waldorf Steiner. The transition has brought amazing benefits to the children.  

Linda is the owner and lead teacher. Prior to opening Sweet Pea's she worked in child care centers, as a nanny and preschool teacher. She has a AA-S in Early Childhood Education. Most recently she spent two  years working for Imagine U as a peer mentor training new providers on-site, as well as  supporting them as they prepared their own childcare for the initial licensing inspection.

Lisa was hired as a sub in 2000 over the years  as we grew her position did too. She has been taken 100's  of training hours and currently works as the assistant teacher.  She is a wonderful asset to the program and the chlldren love her. 

Covid-19 Changes

Ms. Lisa has retired. I have been working alone since March and will continue to in the fall. While we adore the Curiosity Approach much of the DOH guidelines do not match. I continue to do my best to create pockets of hygge in our outdoor classroom. However, my main goal to focus on how to preserve the childhood experience while following health and safety guidelines.