​​​​​Our goal is to allow children to have a childhood while preparing a foundation to be a good person.  That means get messy if they want, mix materials to make muck, do science experiments, dress up, build, explore cause and effect, build relationships, learn about themselves, learn about others, and how being different is amazing. 

We trust that the children will naturally know what they need to do to learn, just as children did until 25 years or so ago, when it was decided we needed to tell children how to play. 

Our role is to scaffold that learning by offering additional items to what they chose to do, and to allow them to use as they envision not our vision of proper. *Yes, we will redirect if needed for safety.
We set up provocations aimed to get a specific motion or concept. Such as scissors and a pile of flowers. They will likely start cutting on their own, and we can assess how their motor skills are coming along. Much more fun, than being sat at a table and asked to cut a line.

We set up invitations of materials to see what they will do with it, no expectations. Just our way of observing interest. If we give them sticks and ribbon will they wrap it around, stack the sticks, or take the ribbon to another work station? 

   Lisa and Linda 

​​About Us: 

Linda opened Sweet Pea's in 2000 as a licensed family childcare. 

We have kept our WA State license, but as a part-time preschool. Our licensing records can be found on childcare check by putting in our phone number, or business name. 

We are always looking for ways to improve the program, and developing new areas as the interest of the children change.  
We have been on a wonderful adventure pursuing Curiosity Approach accreditation, for 14 month. 2 month past the minimum requirement because nothing amazing every comes easy, right? Currently no sites are accredited in the in the USA, we may be the first! I love they mix Reggio and Waldorf styles, with a little Ta-Ke and a dap of Montessori. 

Earlier goals were to have an Echo-Healthy endorsement, and Wildlife Habitat certified. Both reflect our commitment to nature. In a nutshell, we are as chemical free as we can be for state regulations. 

Treating nature and the animals in it, even bugs, with respect is important to us. Children are taught to re-home bugs found inside, yes, even spiders, and most often they are given a name as well. 

We have maintained a NAFCC accreditation since 2009. 

We are a level 4 in the state rating program Early Achievers which sends UW to assess us using CLASS and FCCERS as tools. We will re-rate in Spring of 2020.


Spider saved in bug catcher, to be rehomed to outside. 

Butterfly brought in by one of the children for release. 


We use in the moment planning so that the children's interest are not delegated. We are exploring implanting the framework of Te-Whariki. 

Assessments-We currently use DRDP. Which is similar to TS Gold, commonly used in our state. Again, looking at other options to that make more sense, and not just busy work. 


ASQ, and ASQ-SE are used, as well as the CDC milestone tracker.