​​​​Fall 2020 Enrollment Opens Monday August 17th

Please note due to Covid-19 we have been spent spring and summer outside. We will continue to follow this path through fall and winter as much as possible by using appropriate clothing and shelter. 
As a licensed site we follow the DCYF/DOH guidelines and mandates to keep the children safe. This currently requires 5+ to wear a mask or face shield when inside only. 

​Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year begins August 17th. 

Sweet Pea's Early Learning Place 

Small world encourages language development, story telling and peer cooperation. 


We are a licensed preschool program with a focus on social emotional development.  We  offer hands on experiences that are led by the children's interest. In  the moment planning allows individual focus. Daily photo's and updates on the private page provide a home-school connection.

Dramatic play allows chldren to act out familiar roles. 

We use natural and authentic resources.  A wonderful article on why can be read here. https://www.thecuriosityapproach.com/blog/why-we-dont-use-plastic-toys